About Us

At 'My Sweet,' we love sweets.  Sweets are special and such a pleasure.  They are the perfect way to say 'I love you' or 'You're the best.'  

Our sweets are presented beautifully in either gift bags or jars, but the most important part is inside - indulgent chocolate, creamy fudge and fun pick 'n' mix or jelly beans.

We also offer fantastic wedding favours. Choose the sweets you love in various beautiful boxes. Make your tables stunning on your special day.

All orders are freshly made and there are collection and delivery options available (please see 'Our Sweets' section for details). To order please phone, text or email your order through. We will text or email you when your order is ready. Please allow 3 days for your order to be made up.

There really is something for everyone, so why not treat yourself and the ones you love to 'My Sweet.'
About Us